First 3 Months of the Building Process

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As many of you read, on May 29th, 2012 a client of the Budwig Team donated his home to the local Fire Department for a days worth of testing, smoke escape exercises and general safety procedures. Since then the home has been completely demolished and the earth has been graded. So where is the project now?

Well, we are now 3 months in and the property has been prepped for Plumbing, Electrical and Sewer. The foundation has been poured and the exterior frame walls are in. It is starting to look like a home and while walking the project you get a feeling of the ceiling height, details in the walls and where general things like bathrooms and closets are going to be. If you have never walked a home that is in the process of being constructed, please make sure to be aware of exposed nails, exposed wires, etc…

The home is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year and we look forward to showing you the drywall, insulation and finalization process.

If you or someone you know is interested in Building a new home, please Contact Us directly and let us know how we can help!



Top Five Home Decor Blogs

We’ve all been there. Admit it. You look around your living room and you want a change. You can’t quite put your finger on it but it is time…time to redecorate.

Your home is your sanctuary and should feel as comfortable as possible. As your tastes evolve, you should update your space to reflect those changes. So where do you go for inspiration? My girlfriend usually starts with Pinterest and ends up with a unique recipe to try for dinner. If you want to solely focus on home decor, I’ve compiled the top five Home Decor Blogs that have given me some inspiration around our home. Hopefully you will find some as well.

Why I Like It: Melissa is great. She writes about easy to do projects around your home and adds a lot of great photos in the mix. Don’t blame me if you end up spending hours running through her photos.


Why I Like It: This blog defines Eclectic Chic. Based in Australia, the designs mix classic with modern and splash in a ton of color for fun. The images push boundaries but may ignite some inspiration along the way.


Why I Like It: After perusing the blogs it is clear, Kim and Jo love the everyday art within their lives. They make you realize that there is inspiration in something as simple as the vase on the table in your local favorite restaurant. They document their day-to-day lives through inspiring photos and blogs. A few recipes mixed in give you a little bonus.


Why I Like It: From a two-story slide in a New York Penthouse to a modern functional bookcase where you can hide your dining room table and chairs this blog never fails to inspire me. It screams innovation through every post. Although I may not actually put a slide inside my home, it’s always fun to see the possibilities.


Why I Like It: This husband and wife duo cover everything from unique knick-knacks to fun DIY projects. There is usually a budget friendly angle and even some fun handmade projects for your kids.

When should I sell my home?

Many homeowners are facing a major dilemma in today’s fast changing Arizona Real Estate Market.

When do I sell my home?

The Arizona Real Estate market has experienced major turmoil over the past few years, but now we are making an effective u turn, with many more buyers than sellers. For every one seller, we are finding we have at least 7 buyers. Does this mean you should consider selling now or wait to see what happens to the market?

If you’re considering a move, this might just be the very best time. We have many motivated buyers that are highly qualified and are urgently looking to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. If you wait for the price of your home to increase further, this might be counter acted by an increase in interest rates, while  the desire and ability for a new Buyer to purchase a home may diminsih.

If you are expecting prices to increase as they did in the mid-2000s, you will most likely be waiting for a while. We have seen an increase in movement over the past year, but waiting for the market to reach previous levels may take longer than you think.


–          There are currently 13,520 homes available in the Maricopa County for sale (About 1.5 months supply)

–          6,739 homes are Active with Contingency

–          10,591 homes are Pending and waiting to close

–          In June 2012, 9,129 homes were transacted between Buyers and Sellers

–          In the last 6 months  48,577 homes were transacted

–          In the last 12 months 96,117 homes were transacted.

In a normal market, we would expect to see about 32,000 homes available for sale at any one time!!

So, in answer to the question, when do I sell my home? The right time to sell your home, is only when it’s right for you. You need to be informed on the current market conditions and we recommend you always work with a Professional Licensed Realtor. The numbers above are from the Arizona Multiple Listing service and more detailed reports are available to you upon request. My team takes pride in staying informed on local market conditions and are ready to assist you in selling, buying or just simply evaluating your current strategic position.

Anatomy of a New Build!

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Herb Budwig and The Budwig Team help Phoenix Fire Department get some On Site training. On May 29th, 2012 Herb Budwig of Arizona’s Luxury Realtors worked in collaboration with Forte Homes and the Phoenix Fire Department to provide a soon to be demolished house to their practice schedule.

Herb, worked with his team and client to provide this 40 year old home to the Fire Department for training purposes and they also donated as many usable items from the home as they could back to the community. FOX 10 News was there to record this community give back event.

Over the next few months Herb Budwig & The Budwig Team will share the experience of taking down and removing a property, to replacing it with a stunning Forte Homes Custom Home.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey…

A whole new face…

We just updated our website and would love feedback on what you think of our new look. Check it out now!

Economists predict home builders will break ground on 700,000 homes this year! Do you agree?

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RARE home at the Boulders.

This property is a Single Level Family Home built into the beautiful Mountains at the Boulders. You rarely see a property at the Boulders with only 1 interior level. This home also offers one of the best views in Scottsdale. View full property details. Click Here!